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      As a storyteller for over 15 years, I have told stories to young and old . My story collections are local regional history,  Oklahoma women, lawmen and outlaws, plus ghost legends of Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

      My Childrens ' Program has traditional, tall tales, Christian, constellation stories, fairy tales and moral tales. I have collected many ghostly tales for Halloween. During Indian Summer Festivals, I have shared Osage, Delaware, Choctaw, and Cherokee legends.

      I am a member of the state Territory Tellers and National StoryTellers. My audiences have been in nursing and assisted living homes, schools, Sunfest in Bartlesville, Spooky Tales in Sand Springs, Telebrations, Gilcrease Museum, Drummond House, and KS Artist of Note. 


Dianne Fallis 

Phone: 918-333-8175

Email: [email protected]

Bartlesville, OK

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Captivating People of All Ages Through Storytelling

  • My name is Dianne Fallis. As an experienced storyteller, I understand the power of stories. They can touch people’s lives, teach valuable lessons, and even motivate them to achieve their dreams. I hope to be able​ to do the same through the storytelling services I offer at in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Ghost Tales

     Entertain your patrons and students with ghostly, unusual, and charming tales of incidents around Oklahoma. Historical and personal stories will delight and entertain audiences of all ages. From the “Six Million Dollar Mummy” and “Circle Mountain Ghost” to the “Town With Two Jails” , George vs. JC Penny, and “Light in Constantine Theater;” these stories will definitely hold your group spellbound!

Historical Tales of Oklahoma or Kansas

     Hear how J. Edgar Hoover recruited Oklahoma sheriffs and Texas Rangers for the start of the G-Men. Why outlaws were as famous as sheriffs were. Listen to the tale about the only bride who got married on horseback. Famous historical women in Kansas and Oklahoma plus little-known incidents around Oklahoma. I tell the stories of some famous Oklahomans and Kansans Laura Ingalls, Will Rogers, Dalton Brothers, Nanny Bartles, Addie Drummond, Cherokee Chief Ten Killer, 101 Ranch, Senator Robertson, Belle Starr, Tom Mix  and other regional figures.

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Mission Statement

Let's Share a Story.

Storytelling, the cement that binds different actions and peoples.

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At Heritage Theater, Main St Dewey, OK Time 1-2 PM


at Heritage Farm, Remona, OK Time - 11AM-12PM

OCTOBER 26, 2019  HALLOWEEN EVENT - DIANNE FALLIS AT Drummond House, Hominy. 

Time 6-8PM as Madame Dianne to tell your secrets.

OCTOBER 31, 2019  GHOST STORIES- DIANNE FALLIS at Green Country Village.

Bartlesville, OK Time 6:30-7:15PM

November 24, Drummond Open House

     Drummond Home Christmas Open House was held on Saturday, December 8th, ran from  1:00 PM and ended at 4:00 PM. Santa visited and handed out treats, music by Susanne Woolley and Jim Garling, and stories by the Christmas storyteller, Dianne Fallis.

     Christmas punch and cookies were served at the end of the tours. The admission fees cost $7.00 for adults, $5.00 for seniors, $4.00 for children aged 6 to 17 and free for veterans.

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Frederick Drummond Halloween Storytelling

      At HOMINY,OK  Drummond Home tradition had one night of spooky storytelling. This year on the evening of Oct. 27, 2018, were storytellers from Bartlesville, Skiatook, Sperry, Wynona and Hominy who told their stories well known, made up and some that were true. One well-known and well-documented story shared by two storytellers was about the Spook Light that appears along a lonely stretch of gravel road in Oklahoma near the Missouri line. Here is a bit of background.

     According to the Joplin, Mo. website, the spook light, is also called the Joplin Spook Light or the Tri-State Spook Light. The website https:// that the light is located in Oklahoma near the town of Quapaw. However, it is most often seen from the east, which is why it has been seen in the tiny hamlet of Hornet, Mo., and the larger, better known town of Joplin, the website said. Legend said that two Indian lovers from opposite tribes wished to marry. The tribes did not approve. The couple decided to jump into the raging river at the same time to escape. The girl drowned and the boy, brokenhearted drowned too. The Spook light is their spirits together. Some say the Spook light was first seen by Indians along the infamous Trail of Tears in 1836. In 1881 it was also referred to in a publication called Ozark Spook Light.  The website states that the orange fire-like ball has reportedly been appearing nightly for well over 100 years. Though many paranormal and scientific investigators have studied the light, including the Army Corps of Engineers, none has been able to provide a conclusive answer as to the origin of the light.

     Storyteller Shelia Smith from Sperry said that she had experienced the Spook Light first hand as a child. Yearly, from first grade through junior high, her family took her there . Occasionally there were one or more bouncing balls of light. One time it even landed on her car hood. The Spook Light often appeared to lovers or young married couples. The Spook Light was down a dirt road near the border of Oklahoma and Missouri.  Looking like a ball of fire, it might come and then faded out. During the early 1970's, there was a  gentleman who ran the Spook Light Museum. Putting in a quarter in the telescopes, helped to spot the Spook Light. 

     Bartlesville storyteller, Dianne Fallis told a story about the Spook Light. Her grandparent's friends were courting. They had gone on a picnic there in 1940s and the Spook Light appeared. This scared her grandmother's friend who jumped up and ran to the Model-T. The future groom quickly proposed marriage because he wanted her to accept. In the car, the couple was further frightened when the ball of light sat on the car's hood. The future bride accepted his proposal and the ball of light moved on.

     Another storyteller, Kenda Woodburn from Skiatook told a fictional character story of the Drummond family members. The Drummonds were from Scotland and this story was similar to the Irish about the little people. She created a fictional cousin for Cecil and Gentner Drummond who she described as very kind. He was hunting in the woods one day with his dog when he met a tall man with a red beard who offered him a drink. He accepted the refreshment, which tasted of cinnamon and cloves. Like Rip Van Winkle, he felt sleepy and laid down. When he awoke his gun was rusted and his dog was gone. He found his way back home only to discover he had been asleep for 20 years, while Cecil and Gentner were away at college. Their mother, Addie, recognized him and welcomed the hunter home. The moral of the story was don't accept food or drink from a stranger. You never know what could happen.

     Other storytellers were Carolyn Christy, a member of the Hominy City Council , Drummond Home Manager, Beverly Whitcomb, Lacy Ratliff and Roseanne McKee. Four children dressed as twin ghosts, a pirate and a genie also volunteered.”

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Oct 5

Native American Stories by Dianne Fallis

Saturday 1 PM · Green Country Storyteller ·

Indian Summer Festival at Dewey Hotel Porch

Dewey,  Oklahoma

Oct 16, 19,  Nov 2 

Harvest Stories by Dianne Fallis at Heritage Farm, Ramona

Time: 11:00-12:00

 Green Country Storyteller · Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Oct 26, 

Halloween Event by Madame Dianne Fallis

Saturday Time: 6-8 pm

Drummond  House, Hominy OK

Oct 31

Spooky Tales by Dianne Fallis

Green Country Village at 6:30-7.00

Bartlesville, Ok